Karla Black, Blame What's Really There, 2012
Lothar Hempel, Plakat (Denkblase/Thought Bubble), 2009
Jacqueline Humphries, Untitled, 2011
Anna-Bella Papp, If an eye …, 2013
Ricky Swallow, Single Cup (after C.B), 2012
Mark Flood, SADISTIC pleasure!, 2013
Lothar Hempel, OPIUM, 2012
Sanya Kantarovsky, The Master is Released: Behemoth cut himself a slice of pineapple, salted and peppered it, ate it and chased it down with a second glass of spirit with a flourish that earned a round of applause., 2015
Collier Schorr, Lost Limbs II, 2007
Linder, Gate of Hope, 2012